01 June 2011

Upcoming Deadlines

Post date: 01 June 2011
June 6, 2011

Call for Submissions - Cottonopolis: Steampunk Manchester (queer and trans welcome) - Hic Dragones Publishing -06/06/2011

Thinkers and Trouble Makers: Panel Discussion of Queer Women of Color Activists (California) -06/11/2011

The Eyes of Babylon National Writing Contest -06/14/2011

Call for Essays: Origins of Contemporary Gay Literature -06/15/2011

Call for M/M Stories: Toy Boxes (Torquere Press) -06/15/2011

The $15,000 Peter Blazey Fellowship 2012 (in honor of gay author/ activist Peter Blazey) - Australia -06/15/2011

Call for Submissions from Queer Poets: "The Moment of Change" Anthology of Feminist Speculative Poetry (Aqueduct press) -06/15/2011

Writing Ourselves Whole: Queer Sex-Positive Writing Workshop (San Francisco) -06/16/2011

Call for Submissions: Back Door Lover Anthology (Ravenous Romance) -06/20/2011

Call for Submissions/ Book Chapters: Gender and Transgender in Modern Paganism -06/21/2011

Call for Submissions: Queer Magic (Slash Books) -06/25/2011

London’s Gay Art Festival GFEST Announces 2011 Call For Entries (UK) -06/27/2011

10th Gival Press Oscar Wilde Award (for poetry that best relates LGBT life) -06/27/2011

BigCloset TopShelf's 2011 Summer LGBT Romance Story Contest -06/30/2011

Call for Submissions: Queer Youth Reader Literary Journal (Bare Bones Press) -06/30/2011

Call for Submissions: The Journal of Homosexuality -06/30/2011

Call for Short Stories for an LGBT Youth Anthology -06/30/2011

Call for Submissions - M/M Romance Anthology: Something Happened on the Way to Heaven (LT3 Press) -06/30/2011

Call for Submissions - Taken by Force Volume 2: Stories of Men Kidnapping Other Men -06/30/2011

Call for Gay/ Queer Films: Good Vibrations Independent Er0tic Film Festival -06/30/2011

The Second Great Gay Screenplay Contest (Pride Films and Plays) -06/30/2011

Call for Submissions to an LGBT Horror Anthology - Unspeakable Horror 2: Abominations of Desire -06/30/2011

Call for Submissions: An Anthology of Gay And Lesbian Poetry (Rebel Satori Press) -06/30/2011

Call for Contributors - "Lesbians, Sexuality and Islam" Issue of The Journal of Lesbian Studies -07/01/2011

Open to M/M Submissions: Yuletide Yearnings (E-Bound Publishing) -07/01/2011

Call for Submissions - Dormitory H3at: H0t Lesbian Tales (Bella Books) -07/01/2011

Call for Submissions Featuring Gay Male Protagonists - The Touch of the Sea: Mermen and Selkies -07/01/2011

Open to LGBT Stories: Epic Fantasy Quest Er0tica Anthology (Circlet Press) -07/01/2011
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