21 May 2012

Call for Gay Olympic-Themed R0mance Fiction: Going for Gold

Post date: 21 May 2012
Deadline: 30 June 2012

Editor EM Lynley: It’s been over a year since I’ve put together an anthology and I’m excited to announce I’ll be doing a new series of m/m anthologies starting with GOING FOR GOLD.

The theme this time around is the Olympics, with a target release in late August or early September. I’m in the process of finalizing which publisher will be taking this volume, so until then I can’t offer specifics on royalty rates, just a general guide.

I’m looking for anything that can be tied into the Olympic Games. It can be contemporary, historical, even paranormal if you have a great idea for the Vampire Olympics. I’d love to read something different, like the guy who wants to be on the Badminton team or the BMX rider who lusts after the captain of the Equestrian team. There are 36 different sports in the 2012 London Games, so you have plenty of inspiration. What about a non-sportsman: a spectator who is seduced by a gold-medal winner (or vice versa!) Or a guy on the staff at Olympic Village who sees lots of action off the playing fields. Does your main character dream of carrying the torch or dancing in the opening ceremony? Tell me about him!

The key factor I’m looking for is chemistry between the partners beyond the s3xual attracti0n. I’d like to see the makings of a r0mance.

Since some sports are more popular than others, I’d strongly suggest sending me an email letting me know what you’re interested in writing (paragraph or two) so I can make sure we don’t get too many stories about the same sports or are too similar.

Email me if you have questions: Lynley.editor@gmail.com

DEADLINE: June 30, 2012. Rolling acceptances, so earlier is better. If you can’t make the deadline contact me to discuss.

LENGTH: 5k-10k. I’m looking for full stories with engaging characters and containing beginnings, middles and ends. It’s hard to do that well under 5k. I’m more flexible on the upper end of the range. Please polish your story before sending!

PAYMENT: depending on the publisher it will either be a flat-fee or a royalty split between authors. Since I prefer longer stories, rather than many short ones, chances are you won’t have that many other authors to share with.

EM Lynley writes for Dreamspinner Press, Silver Publishing and Torquere, and edits for Silver. Lynley’s previous anthologies include: BEDKNOBS & BEANSTALKS (m/m fairy tales), WICKED GOOD (m/m angels and demons), and RUMPLED SILK SHEETS (f/f fairy tales). Contact her online:


For inquiries/ submissions: Lynley.editor@gmail.com
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