04 April 2011

Open to LGBT Stories: Epic Fantasy Quest Er0tica Anthology (Circlet Press)

Post date: 04 April 2011
Deadline: 1 July 2011

Call for Submissions

Title: What Happens in the Tavern Stays in the Tavern

The word “fantasy” evokes many different responses in people, but the most common is the idea of the epic fantasy quest. Tolkein stands as the progenitor of this subset of fantasy novels, and since his time many highly regarded authors have taken up the challenge and have provided readers with elaborate, fantastic worlds filled with perilous journeys and creatures to 3xcite our imaginations. But haven’t you ever wondered what happens behind the scenes, during the downtime the authors gloss over? Studies show that people under stress and threat have more s3x, not less. For this anthology, we want writers to tackle the pauses and interstices in a fantasy quest. What kinds of steamy adventures happen behind the scenes, when our heroes and heroines are trekking along their journey? Give us the peek behind the curtains we’ve all been waiting for.

Guidelines: Original characters and universes only, please. Writers and characters may be of any gender or orientation.

Length: Minimum length approximately 2500 words. For this anthology, we will consider stories up to 20,000 words in order to ensure that authors have sufficient room to stretch their epic fantasy legs a little, providing setting, character development, and reasonably detailed (and s3xy!) s3x scenes.

Deadline: July 1, 2011.

How to submit: Jennifer Levine will be editing this anthology. All submissions must be made via email to jlevineeditor@gmail.com.

More details: Submissions sent to other addresses/other editors at Circlet Press will not be considered. Standard manuscript formatting rules apply even though sending as an attachment (MS Word .doc or .rtf preferred). Please note that this means your name, address, and email contact must appear on the manuscript itself and not simply in your email message. (If you’re not sure what standard short story manuscript submission format should look like, Google is your friend.)

No simultaneous submissions (that is, don’t also send your story elsewhere at the same time, and don’t send it to multiple Circlet editors, either), and no multiple submissions to the same book. One story per author per anthology, thanks. Do not send two stories to the same anthology and ask us to “pick the better one.”

All stories must include explicit s3xuality and er0tic focus. Romantic content is welcome, but in a short story remember to keep the details on the action and its effects on the main character’s internal point of view. Whether first person or third person, a strong, singular narrative voice is our preference (no ‘head hopping’ or swapping points of view within scene from one character to the other).

For more details on our editorial preferences, see the general submission guidelines on circlet.com (http://www.circlet.com/?page_id=11). We highly recommend reading the guidelines, especially the “do not send” list, to increase your chances of sending us something we’ll love. Try to avoid cliches. Fresh and direct language is preferred to overly euphemistic. We do not publish horror.

Originals only, no reprints. We purchase first rights for inclusion in the ebook anthology for $25, with the additional rights to a print edition later which would also be paid $25 if a print edition happens. Authors retain the rights to the individual stories; Circlet exercises rights to the anthology as a whole.

More information here.
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