27 February 2012

Call for Gay Stories: Devil's Night (Storm Moon Press)

Post date: 27 February 2012
Deadline: 29 June 2012

The infernal host is on the prowl. They want your soul, and they're not afraid to bargain for it. They'll promise you everything you could ever desire, but the price tag may be steeper than you can handle.

Demons and devils are the focus of this M/M anthology. Whether tempting and seducing mortals, defiling angels, or reveling among themselves, these fiendish creatures know that while good is okay, evil is just more fun. We're looking for hellions that are good at being bad. Stories may be dark, funny, or upbeat—just not angsty. Happy endings are not required; h0t and dirty s3xytimes are.

How To Submit

Submissions must be sent electronically, through email. Please do not send hard copies of manuscripts to our place of business as we will not return them, nor will they be reviewed.

Submission Requirements:
  • Please send submissions to submissions @ stormmoonpress.com (remove the spaces when surrounding the @ sign when emailing us)
  • Email subject should read: ANTHOLOGY TITLE: STORY TITLE - AUTHOR
  • Include a 300 word bio of the author as a cover page
  • The top left of the cover page should include the following: submission title, author's name, address, phone number, and e-mail
  • Submissions must be sent as a RTF attachment, the file named ANTHOLOGY_TITLE_STORY_TITLE_AUTHORNAME
  • Double spaced, 12 point font, Times New Roman, 1" margins.
  • Do not indent your paragraphs
  • Do insert a blank line between paragraphs and use ### or *** between scene breaks


For inquiries: submissions @ stormmoonpress.com

For submissions: submissions @ stormmoonpress.com

Website: http://stormmoonpress.com
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