04 April 2012

Call for Submissions - Catharsis: Trans Women's Stories of S3xual Violence (Book-Length Collection)

Post date: 04 April 2012
Deadline: 31 July 2012

Catharsis: Trans Women’s Stories of S3xual Violence is seeking written submissions from trans women who are willing to share their experiences. The goal is to create a book-length collection of personal essays and stories from trans women about their individual experiences. Through compiling these stories, we hope to counteract the tendency of broader feminist dialog to deal with the subject of violence against trans women as hypothetical, ethereal, and comparatively minimal. We also hope that such a compilation would reinforce the place of trans women among all women and help to bring support and healing to our often overlooked communities.


What We’re Looking For: Stories of personal experience from self-identified trans women. Submissions should be roughly 2-5 pages in length and focus primarily on individual experiences and feelings. Because every individual processes these experiences in different ways, the “tone” of the collection will be left to the contributors. Anger, humor, grief, healing, indifference, etc. are all welcome themes. Those wishing to remain anonymous will have that wish respected and not be named in the final publication. Anonymity will be granted to the degree at which it’s requested, so please make your needs clear with your submissions.

Read the full guidelines here >>


For inquiries: reddurkin@gmail.com

For submissions: use the submission form here

Website: http://interpretivescreaming.tumblr.com/
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