29 April 2011

Gender-Bender Stories Welcomed: All Access Pass Rock & Roll Er0tica Anthology

Post date: 29 April 2011
Backstage Passes editor Amelia G is reading for a sequel to her anthology of rock and roll er0tica, called All Access Pass. Below are general fiction guidelines for Blue Blood fiction projects. For this book in specific, music must play a central role in the story. Events could take place at a punk club or an outdoor festival, characters may be musicians, music may just really speak to a particular character, but it needs to be important. Stories ranging from balls-out memoir or entirely fantastical vampire s3x are all fine, within the appropriate theme and quality standards.

When submitting electronically, please make the subject of your email ALL ACCESS PASS SUBMISSION.

Before sending anything over, please ask yourself if your work passes the Blue Blood litmus test: Is it intelligent? Is it s3xy? Is it edgy/counterculture? Is it cool? Email electronic submissions to submit@blueblood.net For submissions of fiction or nonfiction text, please have your writing in a Word document with a .doc suffix (not .docx), RTF, TXT, InDesign, or Open Office format. It is preferred if you include an author bio or link to your website or online profiles.

The All Access Pass anthology is seeking erotic stories with a counterculture feel — Gothic, industrial, techno, rave, punk, metal, dyke, mystery, gangster, hard-boiled, science fiction, cyberpunk, steampunk, vampire, werewolf, medieval etc. At the moment, our needs are for stories primarily from a male or female heteros3xual viewpoint, lesbian viewpoint, or female bis3xual viewpoint. Often, we can also place male hom0sexual and gender bender stories in anthologies. We look for work between 2,000 and 7,500 words. Most accepted fiction is shorter than 4,000 words. Death and horror elements are acceptable so long as they do not prevent the piece from being s3x-positive. Characters may die but not as part of the s3xuality. Negative attitudes about s3xuality are not fine. All s3x must be c0nsensual and ar0using.

If you can write genuinely arousing fiction which still works as a story, do contact us. Payment is net 60 on on-sale date and we generally purchase first worldwide rights (exclusive from acceptance to one year after publication) along with nonexclusive reprint rights.

$50 first run + reprint rights, $25 reprints.

Contact Information:

For inquiries: submit@blueblood.net

For submissions: submit@blueblood.net

Website: http://www.blueblood.net/tag/backstage-passes/
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