22 February 2012

Job Opening: Online Editor for Gay.net (Here Media, LA)

Post date: 22 February 2012
The editor is responsible for writing, curating, and posting content to the assigned site, while continually coming up with new techniques — editorially, visually, or technologically — to drive new traffic to the site. Working with other editorial staff, the editor oversees the planning, assigning, compiling, and editing of the website to make sure all categories are covered according to the mission of the site. He or she also anticipates trends and analyzes events that are important to the core reader and ensures these trends and events are accurately and responsibly represented on a timely basis — whether through written word, photographs, links, or video.

Job Responsibilities:

In addition to a strong understanding of everything that goes into online publishing and ease with the language needed to communication with all supporting digital media staff, this person must be;

· Well-organized, creative, aware of trends, and have the proven ability to think critically.
· An interest in general entertainment, music, technology and pop culture is a plus.
· Must be a highly proficient line editor and a solid copy editor who is able to adapt to company style and site guidelines.
· Must be able to work well and remain calm under pressure and be willing and able to work evenings or weekends when needed to meet deadlines.
· Will be an excellent communicator and collaborator.
· Must be able to keep projects managed on-time and on-budget.
· Must be great working with all levels of staff and types of personalities.

Technical Skills:

· Must have experience with blogging or website content management systems
· A knowledge of social network usage (Facebook, Twitter, etc.)
· Basic knowledge of Microsoft Word, Excel, and Photoshop.

Please submit resume and minimum salary expectations to jobs@heremedia.com


For inquiries: jobs@heremedia.com

For submissions: jobs@heremedia.com

Website: http://heremedia.com/
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