15 June 2011

Deadline Extended - Gay C0wboy R0mance Anthology (Sizzler Editions)

Post date: 15 June 2011
Deadline: 15 July 2011 (from 1 June 2011)

The anthology will contain four novellas (15,000 to 20,000 words) of h0t, passi0nate and very er0tic romance.

Terms: Securing license of English electronic and paper rights, royalties are 27% of the retail price of any ebook version and 10% of the retail price of any paperback edition (said royalties are to be apportioned in the following manner: 33.33% to the Editor (Sascha Illyvich) and 66.67% to be divided in four equal shares by the Authors or 16.66% each) of the anthology. One year after publication date of the original ebook version of each anthology, each story in the anthology shall also be released as an individual ebook. All the royalties from said individual release shall go to the Author of that story.

Stories of quality, not deemed the right fit for an anthology may still be offered contracts for individual or another anthology publication.

Send brief synopsis and first 5,000 words to Sascha Illyvich at: WolfPrinceEditor@gmail.com

Contact Information:

For inquiries: WolfPrinceEditor@gmail.com

For submissions: WolfPrinceEditor@gmail.com

Website: http://SizzlerEditions.com/Intoxication
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