06 June 2011

Call for Stories: Out With Dad

Post date: 06 June 2011
Out With Dad's call for story submissions remains open. They are still looking for one more story with a specific tone for an important upcoming scene. The missing story needs to be rather grim. A story that is quite unlike the loving and accepting story Rose has experienced.

The original call for story submissions:


Extended call for story submissions:

For the third story, they're looking for the right “tone” that would proceed Rose telling her own story. The missing story needs to illustrate to Rose, Nathan and our audience an example of the struggles and challenges faced my many growing up LGBTQ or their loved ones. They're looking for something rather grim. Rather dark. The ugly side of homophobia.

Please email your story to: storysubmission@outwithdad.com.

Unless you specifically state otherwise, your identity will be kept confidential. They’d love to include your name, if you'd like, in the end credits of the episode as a guest writer.

Contact Information:

For inquiries: storysubmission@outwithdad.com

For submissions: storysubmission@outwithdad.com

Website: http://www.outwithdad.com
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