04 May 2011

Website Editor/ Writer Wanted for Gay-Owned Design Firm (Phoenix)

Post date: 04 May 2011
Looking for a liberal minded energetic person to fill a position of website manager, Copy Editor and Writer. Excellent computer and software skills are needed. This is a full time on-site position. Will also be responsible for some day to day office tasks.

We are a website design firm, so any entry level experience with website maintenance and design would be very help, as this person will be responsible for updates to clients web pages. Photoshop and Dreamweaver experience a plus. This person will help write copy / stories, and post to blogs for SEO and assist in getting our clients websites to the top of the Search Engines.

Compensation: TBD

Via: craigslist.org

Contact Information:

For inquiries: job-62wfb-2361160351@craigslist.org

For submissions: job-62wfb-2361160351@craigslist.org
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