26 April 2011

LGBTQ Columnist Wanted at New Mexico DailyLobo.com

Post date: 26 April 2011
The New Mexico Daily Lobo is hiring for columnists. Must be a UNM student to qualify. Columns desired include : columns on LGBTQ issues, Sci/Tech issues, Energy Policy, Sexual health & opinion, and anything relevant to the student population at UNM. Pays $15 per column. Please respond to email address given.

Location: UNM

Compensation: $15 per column

Via: criagslist.org

Contact Information:

For inquiries: job-stxjd-2309493472@craigslist.org

For submissions: job-stxjd-2309493472@craigslist.org

Website: http://www.dailylobo.com/
This blog is no longer updated. Please instead visit Writers For Diversity for new opportunities for women/ LGBT writers and writers of color. Thank you.