18 April 2011

Grant Writer Needed for Classical Artist Working on GLBTQA Subjects

Post date: 18 April 2011
My name is Rose Adare, a classical artist living in Hawaii. A graduate of the San Francisco Academy of Art University and the Berkley Atelier for Classical Realism, my current vein focuses on contemporary portraiture, ranging from international spiritual practitioners and tattoo artists to political activists and famous musicians, such as Buffy Sainte Marie, Jason Webley, Carol Queen, and Kimberly Dark. I work with topics including sensuality/sexuality, diversity, and GLBTQA subject matter.

I will be showing in May at the Seattle Erotic Art Festival, and I would like to find a grant writer who can find grants to support my upcoming body of work. I will be available to meet with you mid-May in Seattle.

My website is www.themusestudio.com. Please email me for further dialogue.

Location: Seattle

Compensation: grant commission

Via: craigslist.org

Contact Information:

For inquiries: gigs-juzyz-2331343748@craigslist.org

For submissions: gigs-juzyz-2331343748@craigslist.org

Website: http://www.themusestudio.com
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