02 April 2011

Gay-themed Screenplay Writer/ Partner Wanted (Los Angeles)

Post date: 02 April 2011
Reply to: gigs-atexe-2300089557@craigslist.org

I'm itching to write my next screenplay and would like to try writing with a partner. I like to write high-concept comedies in the vein of "40 Year Old Virgin", "The Hangover", and "Old School." I also like to write gay-themed dramas and comedies. I am inspired by movies like "Transamerica" and "Mysterious Skin" which appealed to both gay and straight audiences.

I've written several screenplays (short and feature-length) and produced a couple of them. Last year, I directed my first short film as well.

I'm looking for someone who lives in the Los Angeles area because I prefer to have in-person meetings. You should already have experience writing screenplays, and I'll want to trade writing samples.

Age or gender is not important. Just talent and drive. I'm a 46 year old male living in the Valley.

I'm well connected in the business, so getting the screenplay into the right hands won't be an issue at all.

Location: Los Angeles

Compensation: 50/50

More information here.
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