03 June 2012

Deadline June 10 | Seekardia Writing Contest for LGBTIQA Youth ($150 prize per age group | Wisconsin only)

Post date: 03 June 2012
Deadline: 10 June 2012

What's Religion got to do with it? What’s your experience with religion? Enter the Seekardia Writing Contest, Winsconsin's first writing contest for LGBTIQ Youth. First Place in each division receives $150.


Divisions -entries will be grouped and judged in these categories:
  • Youth Division 1 - Essays by writers 14-18 (as of 6/10/12)
  • Youth Division 2 - Poetry by writers 14-18 (as of 6/10/12)
  • Youth Division 3 - Essays by writers 19-24 (as of 6/10/12)
  • Youth Division 4 - Poetry by writers 19-24 (as of 6/10/12)

All winning entries will be used for publication by Seekardia. See more under Prizes.


We want to hear about your own real experiences with religion as someone who identifies as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex, questioning, queer or an ally via an essay or poetry. How have you felt supported by or separated from religion as an LGBTIQ or A person?

You may write on direct experiences (for example, how someone supported or criticized you, or someone you care about as an LGBTIQ person, in the name of God), or indirect experiences (for example, someone made a blanket statement about LGBTIQ people in the name of God). Whether your experiences are direct or indirect please express how you have been personally affected.

You are free to choose one or more experiences about which you will write, but you may have a better chance at writing an effective piece if you focus on one experience.


You are not required to answer the following specific questions in your poetry or essay, but some of these questions may assist you in focusing your writing:

1. What do I believe? Do I believe in God or a higher power?
2. How did the experience(s) I’m writing about affect my views on religion(s)?
3. Did my experience(s) draw me closer to God or a higher power or push me away?
4. Have I ever believed that I had to choose between being LGBTIQ or A and my faith?
5. Has/have my experience(s) with religion helped me to accept myself as I am?
6. Are there differences between the way religious people I have met say that God views LGBTIQ people and the way I think God sees us/my family or friends?


1. All entries must be original unpublished works by nonprofessional authors.
3. Please read the stated Rules for Submission carefully. If you miss something and there is enough time, we’ll notify you so you can resubmit the corrected entry by the contest deadline (11:59 pm on June 10, 2012).
4. By entering the contest, the authors give permission to Seekardia to publish their submission in a booklet and to make it available to Proud Theater to use verbatim or to create a performance based on the submission (winning entries may or may not be used by Proud Theater). The winning entries may also be posted on the Seekardia web site (winning entries may or may not be posted).


1. Entries can be in the form of a non-fiction essay or poetry based on your real experiences. You are the sole author of the entry that does not violate Copyright laws.
2. Please relate being LGBTIQ or A to your experience(s) with religion.
3. Essays may be 600 to 1,200 words (quality counts more than length).
4. Poetry may be any length.
5. Please use an easy to read font (readable is better than fancy) and font size.
6. Please number the pages.
7. Essay/poem title should appear on each page of the manuscript, but author's name should only appear on the title page.
8. If you are under the age of 18, please inform your parent or legal guardian prior to submitting your poem or essay.

TITLE PAGE -the title page should include the following contact information:
  • essay or poem title
  • word count
  • author’s name
  • complete mailing address of author
  • email address of author
  • phone number of author
  • birth date of author (day/month/year)

Each winning entry will require written permission from a parent or legal guardian if you are less than 18 years of age for the piece to be accepted into publication. Pseudonyms are optional for writers in both age groups for publication.

  • Entries will be accepted from April 10, 2012 through June 10, 2012.
  • All entries are due by 11:59 pm, June 10, 2012.

  • The first place winner of each Youth Division will receive $150.
  • Each other winner (other youth whose entries will be published by Seekardia) will receive a $20 gift certificate (TBA)
  • In addition, Proud Theater will choose among the entries to create a performance.


For inquiries: consult@seekardia.com

For submissions: entries should be emailed as attachments to consult@seekardia.com or snail mail to Seekardia, P.O. Box 8853, Madison, WI 53708-8853

Website: http://seekardia.com
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