24 April 2012

Story Call-Out for "My Story is Out" Anthology Series (Publishing Syndicate)

Post date: 24 April 2012
Publishing Syndicate is seeking submissions for its newest anthology series: My Story is Out: High School Years. This groundbreaking anthology, created by LGBT young adult author Lyndsey D’Arcangelo, will be a collection of personal real-life stories about surviving high school as an LGBT teen and coming out on the other side.

We are looking for humorous, heart-warming, wistful and inspiring stories written by straight, lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender individuals 25 years old and younger.

For instance, you can submit a story of how you turned a tragedy into a triumph, or a lesson-learned story from the struggles you have endured being a LGBT teen. Remember, your story must be about your personal experience—a story that will touch the hearts, lives and souls of LGBT teens all over the world.

Lyndsey's My Story is Out Submission Guidelines

1. Your story must be a true account of something that has happened to you or someone you know. It should be written in the first person. (For examples and other helpful tips see Lydnsey's “Story Do’s and Don’ts” NOTE: This link will take you away from Publishing Syndicate and directly to Lyndsey's MSIO website.

2. The story must have taken place in high school, and the author (you) must be 25 years old or younger at the time of submission.

3. Your story should not be less than 500 words or more than 1200 words.

4. Do not submit your story more than once. However, you are allowed to submit more than one story if it pertains to different categories.

5. Please do not submit anonymous stories, stories written under pennames or false names, or as-told-to stories.

6. Your story should fall within one of the following chapter categories:
  • School Daze — something that happened during the course of a high school day
  • Gender Education — transgender stories
  • Out Numbered — bullying stories
  • Coming Out to Friends
  • Students of Color — stories regarding different cultures/races
  • We Are Family — stories of support from family members
  • Sitting on the Bench — sports team stories
  • Outstanding Teachers — stories of support from teachers
  • Any Questions? — stories of questioning
  • Feelings of Pride — stories about making a difference in your high school
  • After Graduation — stories about leaving high school and looking ahead

7. Keep a copy of the story you submit to us for your own personal records.

8. We will only accept story submissions that have not been previously published.

9. If your story is accepted for publication, you must sign a permission release form. All individuals subsequently referenced in your story must also sign a release form. It will be your responsibility to obtain those signatures. Tentative acceptance of your story is dependent on these forms being completed.

10. We do not accept full manuscripts. Please do not send them.

11. We do not accept poetry submissions at this time.

12. We do not accept stories with inappropriate language or subject matters. They will be deleted immediately.

Submitting Your Stories

Please enclose your story in the body of the e-mail. Include your name, age, address, e-mail, chapter category, the title of your story and the word count at the top of the e-mail. We will not accept any e-mail attachments.

Please do not send any additional e-mails asking if your story has been accepted for publication. The story evaluation process may take months. However, if your story is accepted for publication, you will receive an e-mail notification directly from us. From that point, we will set up a line of communication with you which may include helping you edit your story to clarify your message or make your story stronger.

As a contributing author to My Story Is Out: High School Years, you will receive:

1. One (1) copy of the book.

2. A T-shirt featuring the My Story Is Out: High School Years logo and the wording “I’m a published author!”

3. A share of the book royalties for one year starting on the publication date. More details will be posted soon.

As of March 2012, the story submission deadline is open until we get enough stories. Get your story in today!

Tentative publication is Fall 2012


For inquiries: mystory@mystoryisout.com

For submissions: all story submissions must be submitted electronically to Lyndsey's e-mail, mystory@mystoryisout.com

Website: http://www.publishingsyndicate.com
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