30 April 2012

Call for Submissions: Coming Out Stories (Publisher: Loose ID)

Post date: 30 April 2012
Deadline: 15 June 2012

Loose Id is a leading publisher of er0tic r0mance. The California-based company is an acknowledged industry leader with seven years in business, operating in the black since the end of our second quarter back in 2004. It publishes between 16 and 24 titles per month by more than 200 talented authors worldwide, unleashing readers' fantasi3s with a full panoply of er0tic r0mance subgenres, including exceptional traditional favorites, contemporary and historical.


Coming out refers to the expression "coming out of the closet" meaning to tell others about your s3xual orientation.

Loose Id wants Coming Out stories - Thoughtful, authentic ero0ic romances featuring men and women who come out. The coming out theme must be integral to the story. All stories must follow Loose Id submission guidelines. Final deadline for full submissions will be June 15, 2012 but the earlier, the better. Those accepted may be included for release in conjunction with Coming Out Day.

Note: Coming Out Day is observed in many countries, usually on October 11. In the UK it is celebrated on October 12.


For inquiries/ submissions: submissions@loose-id.com

Website: http://www.loose-id.com
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