20 February 2012

Faith and Pride 2012: Call for Contributions

Post date: 20 February 2012
The theme for this years Faith and Pride event in July is Fear Not, taken from Luke 12:32.

Fear not, little flock; for it is your Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom.

As with last year, the event will consist of two talks, each about half an hour long. If you would like to give one of the talks, or be involved in any way, please contact us. Although Faith and Pride is a Christian organisation, contributors do not have to be Christian. Contributions should reflect the theme of Fear Not in some way, and should be consistent with our ethos: “We’re not about arguing or putting down someone else’s view. We’re putting forward an alternative view.”

We also invite submissions of papers and articles of interest to gay Christians. Although articles and papers do not have to have a theme of Fear Not, they should still be consistent with our ethos.

About Faith and Pride:

Faith and Pride is an organisation with one simple point: you can be Christian and gay. It is run by a group of gay Christians, who have accumulated experience as Anglicans, Catholics, Christadelphians, Methodists, Non-Subscribing Presbyterians, and Presbyterians.


For inquiries: info@faithandpride.org

For submissions: info@faithandpride.org

Website: http://faithandpride.org
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