20 February 2012

Call for Creative Works: Dear Harvey, We Got Hope

Post date: 20 February 2012
Deadline: 30 April 2012


Since Harvey Milk’s assassination on November 27, 1978, young people have drawn inspiration from Harvey’s life and legacy. As the 35th anniversary of this event draws near, it is time to tell the stories of Harvey’s “children” and the generations that followed whose lives have been forever changed by his courage.

In celebration of our upcoming 35th anniversary season, San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus has launched a major multi-disciplinary artistic initiative. Young artists are urged to use their own creative energies to express what Harvey Milk means to them and their lives.

In 2013, SFGMC will present the concert event: Dear Harvey, We’ve Got Hope to deliver messages and artistic submissions that have been collected from all around the world. Because if Harvey were here on the day of the event, he would see with his own eyes, and hear with his own ears, that “We’ve Got Hope”.

We are currently calling for submissions of creative works to be included in our 2013 program.

What types of submissions are you looking for?

Creative work including but not limited to music, words (prose, poetry, etc.), video, dance, performance art, visual art, theatre.

Does the piece I submit have to be about Harvey Milk’s life?

No. We are looking specifically for works about Harvey’s legacy and the movements he inspired. The submitted work should be your first person response to how Harvey Milk has touched your life and/or those around you.

Who can submit?

Anyone, regardless of age, race, sex, gender, etc.

When are the deadlines?

Submissions begin on November 8, 2011. The deadline is midnight, April 30, 2012.

May I submit more than one piece?

Yes. There is a limit of three per person.

Once I submit, who owns my work?

If selected for use in “Dear Harvey”, SFGMC will retain the rights for use of your work according to details set forth in Creative Commons. All work submitted must be original and free of copyright infringement. If not selected, you retain ownership.

Is there anything you do not accept?

All submissions are accepted. We simply ask that they be respectful and appropriate to honoring the life and legacy of Harvey Milk.

When will I hear whether or not my submission is accepted?

A committee of artists from a variety of genres will review all submissions. You will be notified by Friday, March 30, 2012.

Are entries accepted that use languages other than English?

Yes. Please provide English translation.


Visual Art:

Please send a photograph (JPG not to exceed 4MB file size) together with any descriptive notes (word document not to exceed 2 pages in length and 1MB file size).


Please send us a word document not to exceed 3 pages in length of single-spaced 12 pt font and 1MG file size.

Music (audio):

Please send MP3 file not to exceed 5 minutes in length and 7 MB. If work is longer than 5 minutes, please send excerpts only.


Please email us the URL. We will contact you

Dance/Performance Art/Theatre:

Please upload a film not to exceed 5 minutes in length and send us the URL.

Please retain all original artwork. Send only a copy, photo, etc.

How do I submit my work?

Please click on this text or go to the “Submit Your Art” tab for more details. All entrants will have to agree to the terms and conditions of the submission process in order to have access to information on where and how to send your entries.

What if my submission is longer than 5 minutes?

Please send us a 5 minute excerpt.

Is there a prize?


Cash awards will be given to outstanding submissions, including selected ones chosen for presentation in the final work. The cash award will include a matching cash donation to the HERO organization of the entrant’s choice.

The number of awards will depend on the jury selections. We predict there will be between three and seven award winners, but this is subject to change.

For all other questions, please contact dearharvey2013@sfgmc.org.


For inquiries: dearharvey2013@sfgmc.org

For submissions: dearharvey2013@sfgmc.org

Website: http://www.dearharvey2013.org
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