22 May 2011

Call for Submissions from Lesbian/ Bisexual Female Poets: Lady Business (Assaracus Journal)

Post date: 22 May 2011
Deadline: 31 August 2011

We’re publishing a special issue called ASSARACUS: LADY BUSINESS which will feature the work of ten lesbian or bisexual female poets. The submission period for this issue is open through August 31, 2011. To our sapphic sisters – follow the same submission requirements listed below… and good luck!


In order to be considered for publication in Assaracus, please submit a significant selection of your work in DOC or DOCX format to siblingrivalrypress@gmail.com with the subject line “Assaracus Submission” and your name (“Assaracus Submission Levi Johnston,” for example). Again, make sure it’s during January, May, or September. How you define “significant” is up to you. The definition of gay poetry is also subjective. Work that has been previously posted on a personal website is welcome. Previously published work is also acceptable so long as you retain the rights to republish.

Each issue will be built around the selected poets and will showcase the variety within the queer poetry community. We’re not looking for any one style or form. In fact, we want each issue to represent multiple poetic forms. The chosen poets will retain all rights to their work, will receive a free print copy of the issue, and will be endlessly promoted throughout the literary universe.

Due to the small number of poets featured in each issue, we cannot accept every submission. Do not let this deter you. Because we’re always working on future issues, submissions that were declined once might be accepted at a later date depending on the “feel” of the issue we’re currently designing.

Please note that poems with lengthy lines may, as is the case in every publication, require editing to fit our page dimensions. As a general rule, however, we will not attempt to edit your work to fit our standards. The purpose of Assaracus is to offer that grand stage for gay poets – not to morph your work into the kind of poetry our editor enjoys. We’ll give you the microphone. You do the singing.

Contributors will receive proofs of their Assaracus sections prior to print.

We welcome submissions from gay poets with various publishing experience, from old masters to spring chickens. We want everyone from Dennis Cooper to the freshman at the University of Ohio who scribbles love poems about in Biology 101.

Contact Information:

For inquiries: siblingrivalrypress@gmail.com

For submissions: siblingrivalrypress@gmail.com

Website: http://siblingrivalrypress.com
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