17 May 2011

Call for Romance Fiction: Marriage Equality Anthology

Post date: 17 May 2011
Deadline: 4 July 2011

Seeking short stories about marriage equality for an anthology to be published in summer 2011. One hundred percent of the profits will be contributed to organizations fighting for marriage equality in the united states. So what is my (still unnamed) Project? I wish to raise awareness and funds for the issue of marriage equality, using romance fiction.


Previously published stories are welcome if you have full rights to them; I ask for the exclusive use of the story for one year for the anthology, at which point it will return to the author.

Although I hope that this Call will generate enough male/male fiction to fill a book, I would like to include at least one story that is female/female and one reflecting a relationship including at least one member who is transgender.

If this is successful, I'd like to make this an annual event until the so-called “Defense Of Marriage Act” is proven un-Constitutional and overturned.

The deadline for the anthology will be July 4, 2011, and I will announce a projected publication date within two weeks of then.

If you wish to contribute to the anthology, please send me an email at anthology@ikerose.com. ALL other correspondence about this Blog posting can be sent here, too.

Word count: 4000 to 10000 range

Via: read more at rainingmenamen.blogspot.com

Contact Information:

For inquiries: anthology@ikerose.com

For submissions: anthology@ikerose.com
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