19 March 2011

Telecommute Editor/ Web Coach Wanted for Queer/ Grassroots Consulting Website (Converge Strategy)

Post date: 19 March 2011
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I'm in search of someone who knows how to write, has good business/marketing instincts, and gets my queer/grassroots angle for a short-term "coaching" type arrangement for help hone content for my consulting website. I've put out feelers to my colleagues without great response so I'm trying CL!

So, here's the deal: I am a strategy consultant for grassroots non-profits, creatives, and conscious businesses with expertise in donor driven fundraising and integrated marketing. I have someone designing the site and my collateral, so that is all square. I'm writing the content but am getting lost in perfectionist tendencies and have produced a number of drafts...at this point, my vision is blurred (so to speak) and I don't know which way is up or how everything will translate to a reader unfamiliar with what I do.

My priority is to find someone who can act as a sounding board, give feedback on content, organization, and flow, make sure I'm being clear, not redundant, etc. I don't want someone to write it for me, just bounce ideas off of and help me refine what I have. (And to cut through it!) I have worked with someone a little who has given me editorial feedback, but I'd like to get into all of it with someone who really gets my approach and the communities I'm looking to cultivate/understands what will resonate. If you have web writing experience that's a major plus!

I'm on a budget but can do trade, part trade/part cash, or work something fair out! The $200-250 range is what's realistic for me right now (thought we may be able to work out a payment plan arrangement etc. if it requires more)

So, there you have it! My mission etc. is below for reference. You don't have to be certified or a FT "coach" but please have applicable references that can attest to your skills and no-flake tendencies.

Converge Strategy Consulting specializes in resourcefully crafting fundraising and integrated marketing strategies for small budget, hard to fund organizations and ventures.

→ Marginalized communities that are not typical funding priorities

→ Professionals with unique/emerging practices & technologies

→ Businesses & organizations with difficult to reach target markets

→ Creatives whose work is off the map


Converge Strategy Consulting exists to serve organizations, creative entrepreneurs, and businesses whose mission and purpose fall outside of conventional parameters—those who don’t easily “fit” into any existing category—and need a consultancy with the depth of expertise and understanding to respond to their unique needs.

Whether you’re a business with a pioneering approach; you’re tackling a controversial cause or complex issue; you represent stigmatized or minority communities; or you have an idea ahead of its time, Converge delivers the hands-on experience and ingenuity to support you in leveraging budget-friendly strategies that are driven by your mission.

We are pleased to have a stellar track-record serving:

• Queer, transgender, and gender-variant populations & purposes

• Progressive Jewish and interfaith groups/organizations

• Body/sex positivity and fat activism projects

• Racial and economic justice initiatives

• Young professionals/youth ventures

Location: work remotely

Compensation: $200-$250

More information here.
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