01 March 2011

Purple Rep's Gay Plays for Straight People Opens April 8th

Post date: 01 March 2011
Dates: 8 - 30 April 2011


Two plays in rep by Larry Kunofsky and Mariah MacCarthy: The Un-Marrying Project and The All-American Genderf*ck Cabaret.

The Un-Marrying Project: Welcome to The Un-Marrying Project, a documentary film by Simon and Kim. Maybe you’ve heard of them? (No, you probably haven’t.) Anyway. In this film, legally (and “happily”) married couples will divorce! In the name of gay marriage! And not get re-married until marriage is legal for everyone! Join Orthodox Jews, elderly WASPs, old hippies, wealthy immigrants, Tim Robbins and Susan Sarandon in an act of civil disobedience, which becomes a hard lesson: When you try to change the world, the world changes you.

The All-American Genderf*ck Cabaret: Eight gender stereotypes. Countless dance breaks. One intimately outrageous cabaret. And one androgynous, omnipotent emcee to guide them all… This is the story of a Feminist Lesbian, a Gay Best Friend, a Tomboy, a Nice Guy, a Slut, a Player, a Manly Man, a Girly Girl, and a None-Of-The-Above. This is a story about back-alley fights, The Pussies of America, s3xting, acquaintance rap3, infidelity, and the bass-ackwards ways we seek affection. Your haircut/love affair/meltdown is the spectacle in this cabaret, wherein we learn that love, joy, and awesome know no gender. Welcome to the Genderf*ck.

April 8-30, 2011
The Paradise Factory
64 East 4th Street
New York

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