05 March 2011

Open to LGBT One-Act Scripts: The 2011 Portland Emergent Theatre Workshop

Post date: 05 March 2011
Deadline: 15 March 2011

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Who we are:

The 2011 Portland Emergent Theatre Workshop is a non-profit theatrical enterprise whose mission is the development of the work of new and emerging artists, and the enrichment of the Pacific Northwest's community of Artists.

Feygon Nickerson, Artistic Director, has a Bachelor's Degree from Oregon State University's theatre arts program. He has been a participating director in the University Theatre's 2009 Student Written and Directed One Act Festival and its 2010 Student Directed One-Act Festival.

What we need:

We are now accepting unpublished stage manuscripts for consideration in the 2011 season. Primarily we are seeking one-act plays for the first quarter of the season, but full-length manuscripts will be considered for later in the season.

Extended Deadline for submission: March 15, 2011.

What it is:

This is an opportunity to see your work produced and directed as part of a complete evening of theatre. It grants the ability to see your work from a new perspective -- to find out how a director handles your vision, and what discoveries an actor makes in your words, plot, and characters. It is one of the most important steps in the development of great work.

How it works:

Up to 15 plays will be accepted for consideration at a reading, from which 3-6 will be selected for production.

If your manuscript is selected for consideration, you will be invited to a reading of considered works in Portland. After the reading, you will cast a vote for your own play and the three plays which you feel would best accompany it. The objective is not to select plays which "match" one another, but rather create a complete evening of theatre. The Artistic Director will select the play which is most closely aligned with the mission of the Portland Emergent Theatre Workshop, and will tabulate the votes for those plays which should accompany it. The Workshop will attempt to preserve plurality and anonymity in the voting process.

All manuscript submissions will be treated as copyrighted material. Selected works will remain the property of their authors. The manuscripts considered at the reading will be the versions produced in the Workshop. Significant revision between selection for the reading and the date of the reading must be negotiated. The script you submit should be revised and polished -- we understand that no work is ever finished.

Writers will be invited to audition, but will not be cast in their own plays. Writers will be granted one full pass and one complimentary ticket.

One-Act Guidelines are as follows:

  • Unpublished works only, fiction or nonfiction (please specify if your work is nonfiction).
  • 10-25 minutes (It is recommended that you read your piece aloud to pace it.)
  • 1-5 characters (9 of the 10 top performed plays of 2009 had 4 or fewer actors.)
  • Include Dramatis Personae with character age and gender ranges
  • Unit/Box set staging required.
  • All genres accepted. (Groundbreaking, forward-thinking theatre is highly preferred, especially where manuscripts push the envelope in respect to LGBT(QIAP) themes.)

Feygon Nickerson, Artistic Director
2011 Portland Emergent Theatre Workshop

Location: Oregon

Compensation: no pay

More information here.
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