22 February 2011

Call for M/M Stories: The Weight of a Gun Anthology (Storm Moon Press)

Post date: 22 February 2011
Deadline: 15 July 2011

The Weight Of A Gun Anthology

Edited by: Elizabeth Hyder

Payment: $50-$75 depending on the story length, payable upon publication (see details below)

Everyone knows that guns are dangerous; they have long been a subject surrounded by controversy. Combine them with s3x and you have a subject that is tab0o, but not too tab0o. We're looking for M/M stories 8,000 to 12,000 words in length that involve 3xual play with guns.

The gunplay can be any sort as long as the gun does not go off while pointed at a person. Anything from frottage to insertion to a character using the gun to threaten his partner -- as long as the gun is a s3xual focus. What do we mean by s3xual focus? The gun can't just be present in the scene, it has to be an important part of the scene. The characters are always the most important part of a scene, but the gun should have significance as well.

"Gun" is, of course, a flexible term -- if your characters are safety-inclined, it's fine to use a toy gun or an object that the other character thinks is a gun. If it uses gunpowder, air, or resembles a gun, it's in.

For this anthology, situations that involve dubious consent are fine. Rap3 is allowed only so long as it has a purpose and is not written for titillati0n. Make sure there's a reason involved and that you resolve the majority of the conflict the rape brings up. That might be hard to do in the allotted word-count so be careful with this!

We are looking to represent all genres in this anthology, so don't be afraid to write about paintball guns, magic pistols, steampunk rifles, laser blasters, or early firearms. Diversity is something we look forward to seeing, so whatever you have, bring it on!

Initial contract length will be for exclusive print and electronic rights for three years, with options to renew after that time. The author will initially receive a flat $50-$75 depending on the story length, payable upon publication. Six months after the release of the full anthology, all the stories will be made available individually though the Storm Moon Press site and selected third party retailers, and the author will receive 50% royalties on those sales (less distribution fees for third party vendors).

Submissions for this anthology will be accepted until July 15th, 2011. Acceptance notifications and contracts will be issued during the month of August. All content featured in The Weight Of A Gun will be edited. Planned release for both e-book and print versions is January 9th, 2012 for the anthology, and June 11th, 2012 for the individual short story ebooks -- there will be no print versions of the separate stories.

Submission Requirements:

* Submission deadline is July 15th, 2011, no exceptions

* Please send submissions to submissions @ stormmoonpress.com (remove the spaces when surrounding the @ sign when emailing us)

* Email subject should read: THE WEIGHT OF A GUN: TITLE AUTHOR

* Include a 300 word bio of the author as a cover page

* The top left of the cover page should include the following: submission title, author's name, address, phone number, and e-mail

* Submissions must be sent as a RTF attachment, the file named THE_WEIGHT_OF_A_GUN_TITLE_AUTHORNAME

* Double spaced, 12 point font, Times New Roman, 1" margins, do not indent your paragraphs, blank space between paragraphs, ### or *** between scene breaks

* Unpublished submissions only

* Please be certain to edit your own work; any submissions with glaring, common errors will be rejected

* All accepted submissions will be edited prior to publication

More information here.
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