29 May 2012

Call for Submissions: Queer Young Cowb0ys

Post date: 29 May 2012
Queer Young Cowb0ys is currently open for submissions. Queer Young Cowb0ys is looking for cerebral novellas and novels that explore the s3x lives of gay men in an honest way.

We’re open to all genres, but stories must feature gay s3xual relationships as a central, core theme of the story. R0mance is welcome but not required. S3x isn’t always about love. But sometimes it is.

Diversity is encouraged.

We’re looking primarily for original, unpublished works. We will consider reprinting classic gay er0tica on a case by case basis. We’re very interested in preserving the history of gay er0tica.

We believe in being fair to writers. We are writers.

Payment is entirely royalty based; Queer Young Cowb0ys will split any and all profits generated 50/50. (For example: If we sell your book for 3.99 and Amazon.com keeps 30%, we’ll split the remaining 2.79 evenly. On direct sales from our store, you’ll earn 2.00.) We will work on offering advances. We are not interested in making more money from your work than you do.

We ask for exclusive worldwide rights for a three-year period. After three years, we ask for non-exclusive rights to continue publishing the book. All contract points are negotiable.

We are a digital and print publisher. All books will receive an ebook release. Novellas and novels will receive a print release as well.


Submissions are by email only. Email your work to us as an attachment to: queeryoungcowboys@gmail.com

Include the word “Submission” in the email subject line, followed by the story’s title and your name.

We can accept .doc and .rtf submissions. Please use a legible 12 pt font, double spacing, and one inch margins. Include your real name, your pen name, a contact e-mail, phone number, and mailing address in your submission document. A short introductory note would be nice.

We will acknowledge receipt of submissions, and let you know if we’re interested as soon as possible. We are a small outfit, but we’re really interested in seeing what you’re capable of.

Read the complete guidelines here.


For queries/ submissions: queeryoungcowboys@gmail.com

Website: http://www.queeryoungcowboys.com/
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