31 May 2012

Call for Submissions of Short Gay/ Bisexual Fiction: Wild Oats August Issue

Post date: 31 May 2012
Deadline: 14 June 2012

Wilde Oats is an online magazine dedicated to fiction by and/or about gay and bisexual men. We publish quality fiction and have a short deadline coming up... June 14 for the August issue. The December issue always has a theme and for 2012 it is science fiction. Come read, come experience our talented editors, come write short gay and bisexual fiction and more.


We’re interested in well written gay/bisexual male-centered fiction with original plots and characters.

We can’t pay for stories at this time, but we are happy to provide a link to your Web site; include a brief biography to help publicize your work; and provide 'buy buttons' to published work in Amazon, Barnes & Noble or other online publishers. We are here to encourage new writers and to give established writers a place where they can experiment. To help you submit the sort of work we want, we have provided a few details below.

As with any publication, the best way to get a feeling for the kind of stories we want to publish is to read them in our current issue or in the archives.

Please submit all stories as Word file attachments (preferably in .doc format rather than .rtf) or OpenOffice attachments (.odt format), with a cover e-mail giving us your name, your pen name if you use one, and the title and word count of the story. Please use “Wilde Oats Submission” as the subject line of your e-mail. Stories should be formatted in single-spacing, with a single line space between paragraphs and with no paragraph indent. Please submit only one story with your e-mail. All submissions should be addressed to the editor.

We encourage you to send us a brief biographical note, twenty-five words more or less, which we will set as a footnote to your contribution. In submitting that biographical note, you warrant that it is true and accurate, and you authorize its publication. We are happy to provide a link with your story or article to your Web site, and request that you reciprocate with a link to ours.


Be between approximately 2,000 and 10,000 words. If you’ve written something great that exceeds these limits, we will consider serializing your story.

Be well written and original. Please do not submit a story written by someone else as your own; that reflects badly on you and can cause problems for all three parties: you, us, and the original author.

Be written in any genre – romance, humor, fantasy, horror, sci-fi, etc. – and focus to some extent on gay or male bisexual relationships, r0mantic or otherwise, and/or er0tica.

Have a central character or characters who are gay or bisexual men.

Be sympathetic in their treatment of gay/bisexual issues.

Be fully copy-edited for spelling and grammar errors, typographical errors, plot holes, internal contradiction, and continuity issues. It is not an editor’s job to take care of these details; an editor works to help you tighten and polish your work, to find the right tone, the right word, the right turn of phrase – not to take care of your spelling problems or carelessness. If you have doubts about your spelling and/or grammar, please have the courtesy to ask a friend whose spelling and/or grammar is more reliable to beta read your work before you submit it.


Be fan fiction. Stories adapted from fan fiction are acceptable, but please make sure to change more than the characters’ names – the story must make sense outside its fandom context. Be mindful that fandoms are small worlds and our readers do not necessarily belong to the particular fandom that enthralls you.

Be part of a larger work unless the submission is a section that can stand alone.

Involve real people as characters. As much as we like Brad Pitt and Michael Phelps (and Robert Redford and Mark Spitz) we would prefer not to open the door one day to their lawyer serving process for a lawsuit.

Be longer than about 10,000 words unless you are submitting it as a serial .

Appear in any other current publication. If we accept your story, we ask that you remove it from any archive, Web site, or live journal/blog where you may have previously posted it, for the duration of the issue of Wilde Oats where it appears, and replace it with a link to our magazine.


For queries/ submissions: editors@wildeoats.com

Website: http://www.wildeoats.com
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