13 May 2012

Actively Seeking Gay Romance/ Literary LGBT Fiction: Etopia Press

Post date: 13 May 2012
Etopia Press is currently looking for the best, most unique, most well-crafted stories out there — and we know they’re out there. Traditional genre fiction, non-traditional or cross-genre fiction, general and literary fiction — there’s no limit to where a writer’s imagination can go when he or she is inspired, and there’s always a reader who wants to go along for the ride.

Here’s what we’re most interested in for 2012:


Short fiction to novel length, LGBT themes or LGBT authors, we’re looking to publish more important literary fiction in this area. We’re selective–we want to give this important literary segment its due. But we’re open to new authors, as long as you have something new and important to share. The best of the shorter works will be compiled into a print and e-book anthology as well as being released individually. Longer works selected for the collection will be issued in e-book and print.


We love our b0ys. Any subgenre, any h3at level. Contemporary boys, paranormal boys, historical boys, suspense boys… it’s all good, as long as it’s all r0mance and all male. We like both lighthearted stories and darker, grittier tales. For our R0mance and Er0tic R0mance lines, all “boys” must be over 18.

However, we’d love to see more Young Adult r0mance featuring LGBT characters and themes as well.


We’re happy to announce that we now offer an advance on royalties for r0mance and er0tic r0mance over 40,000 words of between $100 and $500. Offers will be made on an individual basis at the time of contract. Shorter works may be considered for an advance based on the author’s publishing history and other factors.

For formatting and submission guidelines, click here


For inquiries/ submissions: submissions@etopia-press.net

Website: http://etopiapressblog.wordpress.com
This blog is no longer updated. Please instead visit Writers For Diversity for new opportunities for women/ LGBT writers and writers of color. Thank you.