17 April 2012

Deadline Extended - Call for Submissions from Queer Writers: Polari Journal's June 2012 Issue

Post date: 17 April 2012
Deadline: 1 May 2012

Queer Writers: Call for Submission Extended

Polari Journal is holding an open call for submissions for its next issue (published JUNE 2012). There is no specific theme for this issue; however Polari tends towards the shorter forms: short stories, poetry, essays, scholarly papers, one act plays/scripts and reviews. In general, the word limit for fiction, plays and essays is 6000 words. Reviews should not be more than 1500 words. For poetry, the maximum is 100 lines.

At this time financial remuneration is not offered. All rights remain with the author/s.


All submissions should include pertinent details such as name, contact details and any relevant biographical information (100 words max). You may also include a brief note about any publications history. Your cover letter should not be sent as an attachment but in the body of the email. This information will not be forwarded to peer reviewers.

All submissions must be emailed as Word documents to: editor@polarijournal.com indicating the genre of the submission in the subject field followed by your surname. For example, for a poetry submission type in the subject field or for a scholarly paper type .

Word documents must have the submission title in the file extension. For example: The_Lake.doc. Before submitting documents save them with all identifying information (including author tags) removed. To do this in Office 2007, click the Microsoft Office Button, point to Prepare and then click Properties. In the 'Document Information Panel' remove the author name in the Author box. Then save your document.

Please do not submit more than 1 short story, essay, review or one act play at a time. You may submit between 3 and 5 poems at a time. Please do not contact us looking for news of your submission. We would prefer you wait for Polari to contact you.


Polari Journal publishes creative writing by emerging, developing and established writers. In most cases, preference will be given to writers who have achieved at least one other journal or anthology publication. However, Polari Journal is also committed to publishing exceptional creative work by unpublished authors. All submissions should be typed (double spaced) with at least 30mm margins. Please use 12 point Times New Roman font. We accept most genres however Polari is not an appropriate venue for strong er0tica.


For inquiries: editor@polarijournal.com

For submissions: send all submissions to the managing editor at editor@polarijournal.com

Website: http://www.polarijournal.com/
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