19 April 2012

Call for Submissions - Screaming Weenie’s Clean Sheets: Canada’s Queer Play Development Series

Post date: 19 April 2012
Deadline: 30 April 2012

Screaming Weenie’s Clean Sheets – Canada’s new queer play development series.
An event of original queer-themed plays by both emerging and established Canadian playwrights, Clean Sheets workshops new plays selected from an open, nation-wide call for submissions. Previous years have included playwrights from northern, eastern, and western Canada.


Clean Sheets as a place to workshop and showcase your work. This form will provide you with some essential information and help guide you with your application.


Clean Sheets is produced by Screaming Weenie Productions, an award-winning professional Queer theatre company in Vancouver, BC. Clean Sheets is the annual event of original queer-themed plays by both emerging and established Canadian playwrights. Up to four plays will be selected from an open, nation-wide call for submissions. Each script selected will be workshopped and given a staged reading by a professional dramaturge and actors. In previous years, Clean Sheets has been hosted by at the Queer Arts Festival in Vancouver the week following Pride Celebrations (early-mid August).

Actual dates to be determined.

In the weeks leading up to Clean Sheets, chosen playwrights will be teamed with a dramaturge in order to begin communication on dramaturgy and allow us to secure actors for the event.


The objectives of Clean Sheets are:

• To promote and nurture the development of Queer-Canadian playwrights and original work

• To give theatrical form to issues that deal specifically with the lives of bisexual, gay, lesbian, and transgendered people

• To promote, through theatrical expression, compassion, empathy, and understanding


You must include with your application a $25.00 Reading Fee that is non-refundable.


The curators will read all submissions. Please adhere to the following guidelines when preparing your proposal. All applications must include:

1. Bio: Maximum two pages, including an overview of your work as a playwright and/or a theatre artist. What inspires you? Talk about where you are with the play and how you would like to ultimately see your work staged.

2. The Play: Include one typed copy of the play. (handwritten scripts will not be accepted) The curators are not required to read more than 75 pages. Make edits if you wish.

3. Optional Support Materials: If you like, include up to five pages of support material for you and your play. Résumés and letters of support from professional artists are a good example.


The deadline for submissions is Tuesday April 30, 2012. All submissions must be post marked no later than this date. The successful applicants will be notified directly and posted on the Clean Sheets web site by May 15, 2011.


1. All submitted works must be in development. Respect must be paid to the dramaturges and actors hired to give their talents and time to assist you in furthering the development of the play. Please do not submit works that you believe are complete and ready for a full

2. All applications must be postmarked no later than April 17, 2012. All submissions must be by Post or Courier. No hand-delivered entries will be accepted.

3. All submissions must be typed and printed in 12-point font on unbound, single-sided, white, letter-size paper.

4. Only plays written in English will be considered.

5. No guarantee of acceptance should be expected by applicants.

6. By submitting an application, you are guaranteeing us that you have full rights of performance for your play. If your play contains outside copyrightable elements, you must obtain the relevant rights from the owner.

7. If accepted into Clean Sheets, all playwrights agree to submit an electronic draft of the play, including all changes, within 60 days of completion of the workshop.

Download application form >>


For inquires: info@screamingweenie.com

For submissions: Screaming Weenie Productions, 220 - 111 Hastings Street W, Vancouver, BC V6B 1H4

Website: http://www.screamingweenie.com
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