17 March 2012

Submission Guidelines: Dark Roast Press (ePublisher with LGBT Focus)

Post date: 17 March 2012
We want a story that engages and invokes, then leaves the reader breathless. We do not seek the improbable in the realms of the paranormal. The tangible can be just as passionate as the wildest product of the imagination. Real situations and real descriptions can be more satisfying than the most graphic flight of fantasy.

This is a tall order, and not taken lightly here at Dark Roast. If this is the kind of author you are, then your submission is one we want to see.

Please submit your entire manuscript to: submissions@darkroastpress.com with the following :

I. Email subject line should give the type of fiction (GLBT, HET, NON-ER0TIC) then a space, a hyphen, another space, then the title.

Example: GLBT -- Curse of the Dildo Snatchers

II. The body of the email should have the following :

1. Your pseudonym.

2. Your email address.

3. Descriptive tags (BDSM, THREESOME etc) Note: if your submission features a character whose characteristics are mentioned above, please put that notification here.
Example: F/F, Humor, Bigotry punished, Fantasy

4. Word count.

5. A short synopsis of the submission.

III. Attach your submission in the following format:

1. doc., docx., rtf., odt.

2. 10 pt sized font

3. Legible font such as Times New Roman, Verdana or Arial.

IV. A second attachment with the following information (follow the above format as well):

1. Short biography of who you are and what brought you to this genre of writing.

2. If you have a website please post the link.

3. If you are published elsewhere please list what and with whom.

4. Chapter by chapter outline. No need to be more than a paragraph long but as detailed as possible.

5. Promotional ideas

We will try and send an acknowledgment email within a week of your submission. If you do not receive that email within 8 days, please feel free to inquire. Once you have received your acknowledgment, please understand it will take up to 45 days before we respond with our decision.

Read the full guidelines here >>


For inquiries: submissions@darkroastpress.com

For submissions: submissions@darkroastpress.com

Website: http://www.darkroastpress.com
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