30 March 2012

Seeking Essays on Modern Husbandry (gay inclusive): Buzz Books

Post date: 30 March 2012
Deadline: 30 April 2012

This Good Read/Good Deed project will benefit a non-profit and all husbandly writers who submit must agree to donate their essay. This cultural essay collection will (hopefully) give us a wide range of views on what it means to be a a husband, told by engaging, thought-provoking, fresh voices. Newlyweds, married with kids, marriage in empty nest, widowed, gay marriage, humor, slice of life, serial husbands and so on. Note that we will likely only pick one “type/theme” for each category (and these are no way set in stone, just giving you an idea of the field.)

Please no “memories only” pieces or doled out as advice only or preachy. Should be very personal. S3x okay to mention or be a topic, but not graphic or offensive. Our hopes is that this will make a great gift for newlyweds as well as a keepsake cultural piece. Should ultimately be uplifting. Prefer no cheating hearts stories, but if it’s done really well (and you are still together as a couple and the spouse think it’s okay) perhaps we could be convinced. Overall, “husbandry is alive and well!” sort of thing. A bit of history and generational influence and reflection on your own marriage is great if weaved into the theme of the piece. Check out “best of” essays on the web to get an idea of well-written and formatted essays. We’re planning a national campaign for this one all writers should receive a lot of promotion and publicity opportunities with this one!

Encourage submission by April, 2012.

Approx. 1,500 words

Submit the query letter, one-page synopsis and a partial of at least three double-spaced pages to buzzbookseditor AT gmail DOT com. IN ONE ATTACHMENT ONLY. In subject heading, put HUSBAND.


Please include in all queries:
  • Your pitch and contact information in the body of your email.
  • A subject line that clearly states the intention of your submission, as detailed in the submission guidelines.
  • Your social media credentials, including your Facebook author page, Goodreads account, Twitter handle and/or blog or website URL. We want to know how social you are on the web (but it’s not a deal breaker if you’re not).
  • Your submission, which varies by the project as listed below, should be included in a double-spaced attachment (either Microsoft Word or Adobe PDF). A synopsis should be included in the body of your email.

Compensation will vary by author and by project and will be outlined in the offer letter. Please note that if we are interested in the writer’s work or love the voice, we will likely work with a writer until we are fully satisfied with the piece before acceptance. This may entail editing—from minor to major—and the editing process will happen both before and after acceptance. We have a minimum of two editors review the project before acceptance and may include our early readers for feedback during the revision process, once the project has been contracted.

A few more tips about our hive:
  • We want originality. Characters with feeling and emotion that draw us into their story, cause us to become invested in their outcome.
  • We want to keep it relatively PG. We are not seeking edgy crime dramas, scary killing sprees or X-rat3d s3x scenes. However, we do welcome a good amount of criminal intrigue, suspense and romance.
  • Have a political or religious angle? That’s fine but we are not seeking far left- or right-leaning politics or religious fiction.
  • First-timers and seasoned writers are welcome to submit. The only experience you need is what you have.
  • Be open to feedback. If we are going to seriously consider your work, we are going to read it and edit it and send it back to you for revisions. You may not agree with our criticism and you are free to dispute something you feel strongly about. But be aware that in the writing and editing process, there is the potential for criticism.
  • If we don’t accept your submission, it could just mean that it’s not right for us. So don’t give up.

Justification of rejection is not guaranteed and please know a rejection does not mean your project may not be a great fit somewhere else.


For inquiries: buzzbookseditor@gmail.com

For submissions: buzzbookseditor@gmail.com

Website: http://buzzbooksusa.com
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