02 March 2012

Open to LGBT Manuscripts: Dopamalovi Books

Post date: 02 March 2012

Action, adventure, comedy, crime, er0tica, fantasy, forbidden fiction, general drama, historical fiction, horror, LGBT, metaphysical, military, mystery, non-fiction, romance, sci-fi, self-help, speculative fiction, spy, suspense, tab00ed writing, thriller, war, and westerns.


We are a royalty paying online bookstore with a diversifying degree of publishing platforms.

This means once your work has been accepted, it will be sold through Dopamalovi Books and a wide array of varied platforms.

Why would you choose to be published with us? Because we offer a thorough edit of your manuscript; because our editors work with the authors individually; because we strive to maintain the author’s original voice throughout their stories; because we will be selling print editions as well as electronic formats; and because we offer the option of a contract extension with a royalty rate increase after the second year. What you will receive from us, that you will not receive from most other online bookstores, is a well-edited manuscript you can be proud of, to do with as you please after only two (2) years, and the opportunity to hold your work in your hands.

We are only interested in quality works from serious authors. We welcome established authors as well as first-time authors. Submissions are independently reviewed and we endeavor to provide the author with a decision regarding our interest in publishing their work in an eight (8) week time frame. We realize there will be mistakes in your manuscript and we rely on an excellent staff of editors to correct these mistakes. Our review process is time-consuming; therefore, it is very important that you proofread your work and follow our submission guidelines before submitting it to Dopamalovi Books for consideration. Manuscripts that are in a rough draft state will not be considered for publication. Manuscripts that do not follow the submission guidelines will not be considered for publication.

We do not review works that have been simultaneously submitted to multiple publishers.

Reprints will be considered only with proof of termination of the previous publishing contracts. You must possess all rights to your work and supply the appropriate information when submitting reprints.

  • Electronic submissions only, using Microsoft Word doc with the entire document in one file. Send this as an attachment.
  • In the body of the e-mail, please give us a synopsis of your manuscript.
  • In the subject line of your e-mail, simply put SUBMISSION: title, genre, word count, and your name. If there is not enough space, please trim your title.
  • You must have a working knowledge of 'Track Changes' to submit your manuscript.
  • You must be 21 or older to submit your manuscript.
  • Please include a cover letter containing the following information: A short author bio including name, pen name if applicable, address, e-mail, phone number, website, and previous and planned publications. Please keep this professional.
  • Indicate if the submitted manuscript is a reprint and include its previous publication data.
  • Title, genre, and word count.
  • A synopsis of your manuscript.
  • We are accepting manuscripts from 3,000 words and up.

  • 1 inch margins on all sides.
  • Single space after ending punctuation.
  • 12 point Times New Roman font.
  • The entire manuscript should be double-spaced. Do not add additional spaces between paragraphs. Do not add additional spaces between scene breaks, flashbacks, or dream sequences.
  • Indent five spaces for new paragraphs by using the space bar. Please do not use tab stops.
  • Author’s last name, story title, and page numbers in the upper right hand corner (header).

  • Scene breaks, flashbacks, or dream sequences should be separated by using these three characters ~*~ one time. It should be centered.
  • Use the serial comma. Commas should set off names in direct address.
  • Use ellipses to indicate incomplete sentences or when presenting a one-sided telephone conversation. Use three-point, un-spaced ellipses. Always capitalize the word in a complete sentence after ellipses.
  • Use two hyphens to indicate breaks in dialogue and to indicate when one character interrupts another’s speech. No spaces should appear before or after hyphens. Please use hyphens sparingly.
  • Spell out numbers from zero to one hundred, and any numbers in dialogue.
  • Use italics to indicate internal monologue.


All submissions, regardless of genre, should be sent to: submissions@dopamalovibooks.com


All completed contracts should be sent to: contracts@dopamlovibooks.com


For inquiries: submissions@dopamalovibooks.com

For submissions: submissions@dopamalovibooks.com

Website: http://www.dopamalovibooks.com
This blog is no longer updated. Please instead visit Writers For Diversity for new opportunities for women/ LGBT writers and writers of color. Thank you.