05 March 2012

Donate $5 and Get Our HOT 500 Reports (500 Highest-Paying Magazines and Journals) - please help us spread the word

Post date: 05 March 2012
We know that it is not enough that we simply update the blog on a daily basis, so here's your chance to support the work we do and the service we provide -

And get something invaluable in return!

As a fundraising activity, we have included in our database some 10,000 paying magazines/ journals and trimmed them down to 500 for our HOT 500 reports. These paying markets were ranked based on writer's fee per word or equivalent, and the report will be released before March 31st. This is similar to our 2010 edition, but with more entries and details. A separate report, Globe 500 (for writers outside North America), will also be released.

A $5 donation will entitle you to one report, while we will send all the 3 reports to our supporters who donate at least $10.

This will entail weeks of hard work as we have to ensure that the important details are accurate and current. Support the work we do and the service we provide! By doing so, you'll have these invaluable reports to keep. Please spread the word.

This blog is no longer updated. Please instead visit Writers For Diversity for new opportunities for women/ LGBT writers and writers of color. Thank you.