22 March 2012

Call for Papers - Girls and Digital Culture: Queer Studies/ Transnational Reflections (UK)

Post date: 22 March 2012
Conference date: 13 - 14 September 2012

This is an international interdisciplinary conference hosted by the Centre for Culture, Media and Creative Industries and the Department of Digital Humanities, King’s College, London.

The conference seeks to bring together current research exploring the relationship between contemporary girlhood and digital culture, in a transnational frame. Drawing on approaches from the arts, humanities and social sciences, the conference will look at how contemporary transformations and transnational interconnections may be challenging existing social and cultural categories, power structures and global hegemonies. The conference will consider the following questions:

- What are the key debates in current research on girls, young women and digital culture?
- How might a transnational lens raise new questions, and what new ideas does it make thinkable?
- Is digital culture global culture?
- How does the development of new digital technologies affects notions and experiences of girlhood?
- How are girls using new digital technologies?
- How do ideas and practices move across national borders?
- What effects do transnational interconnections have on girlhood and digital culture?

  • Lisa Nakamura
  • Shani Orgad
  • Kalpana Wilson
  • Jessica Ringrose
  • Rupa Huq
  • Simidele Dosekun

Papers will be welcomed from across the social sciences, arts and humanities, including sociology, geography, media and communication studies, digital humanities, web science, gender studies, queer studies, cultural studies and postcolonial theory, as well as from artists, activists, grassroots and community initiatives and policy makers/think tanks.


- Girls experiences of digital culture
- Gender and social media
- Sexuality
- Activism and politics
- Identity and subjectivity
- Development
- Gender and blogging
- Gender, play and digital culture
- Power and digital divisions
- Convergence
- Intersectional and transnational approaches

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