28 March 2012

Call for Gay-Themed Plays: GuyWriters Theatre Company

Post date: 28 March 2012
Deadline: 12 May 2012

GuyWriters Theatre Company is accepting submissions for Eat Our Shorts 5: Family Programming, to be staged Fall 2012 in San Francisco. We would like your spin on the topic of "Family Programming". What ironic, absurdist, and ultimately humorous twist can you write on this topic? 80's sitcom satire? Familial brainwashing? Sirkian "melodrama"? If it's short (5-20 minutes), gay-themed and funny, we want to read it!

Deadline for submissions is May 12, 2012. No compensation, but accepted submissions will receive complimentary tickets to the show.


For inquiries: submissions@GuyWriters.org

For submissions: submissions@GuyWriters.org

Website: http://www.guywritersonline.org/live/
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