27 February 2012

Call for Short Stories Featuring Bisexual Characters: In Plain Sight (Storm Moon Press)

Post date: 27 February 2012
Deadline: 29 February 2012

For the men and women of In Plain Sight, mistaken identity is the story of their lives. They are the assassins, thieves, spies, and double agents of the world, and nothing is as it seems around them. They might lead one completely mundane life, but the other side of their life that they keep hidden would shock anyone who catches a glimpse from the outside.

In this anthology, we're looking for short stories featuring bisexual characters (male or female) who lead two lives, one in plain sight, and the other in the shadows. High action isn't required, but we're want to see something exciting with a bit of shock value if it is suddenly revealed to another character. After all, discovering your lover is an assassin or double agent has a different effect than discovering they're secretly a part-time florist.

The level of their deception to their loved ones is up to you, but you can play with them having different families, a lover they try to keep safely tucked away, or a couple they date who is just as bad-ass as they are if trouble comes calling. They can have old flames they never quite allow to extinguish or business contacts they have flings with on the side. One way or another, their bisexuality must be shown, rather than just hinted at, so make sure they have erotic involvements on both sides of the coin.

How To Submit

Submissions must be sent electronically, through email. Please do not send hard copies of manuscripts to our place of business as we will not return them, nor will they be reviewed.

Submission Requirements:
  • Please send submissions to submissions @ stormmoonpress.com (remove the spaces when surrounding the @ sign when emailing us)
  • Email subject should read: ANTHOLOGY TITLE: STORY TITLE - AUTHOR
  • Include a 300 word bio of the author as a cover page
  • The top left of the cover page should include the following: submission title, author's name, address, phone number, and e-mail
  • Submissions must be sent as a RTF attachment, the file named ANTHOLOGY_TITLE_STORY_TITLE_AUTHORNAME
  • Double spaced, 12 point font, Times New Roman, 1" margins.
  • Do not indent your paragraphs
  • Do insert a blank line between paragraphs and use ### or *** between scene breaks


For inquiries: submissions @ stormmoonpress.com

For submissions: submissions @ stormmoonpress.com

Website: http://stormmoonpress.com
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