19 February 2012

Call for Papers: Queer S3xualities in African Literature and Film (MLA Convention, Boston)

Post date: 19 February 2012
Deadline: 10 March 2012

This panel seeks papers that examine/theorize LGBTIQ issues in African literatures and film. Africa, here, includes North and Sub-Saharan Africa. Especially welcome are papers that explore how recent political events and controversies—in Cameroon, Malawi, Uganda, Nigeria and Ghana—produce new sites of reading or demand new agendas for deciphering the complexities of African “queer” s3xualities.

Please send 300-word abstracts and CV to Taiwo Adetunji Osinubi at: taiwo.adetunji.osinubi(at)umontreal.ca by March 10.

For list of possible topices, click here.


For inquiries: taiwo.adetunji.osinubi(at)umontreal.ca

For submissions: taiwo.adetunji.osinubi(at)umontreal.ca

Website: http://www.mla.org/convention
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