16 July 2011

Call for Submissions - Shark Dating: Inspirational and Instructive Manual for Queer and Trans Femmes

Post date: 16 July 2011
Deadline: 1 October 2011

As queer and trans femmes of color and Indigenous femmes, it's often easy to think, remember and speak on the vast degrees of bullshit we can face when we try and create the love, s3x and desir3 that is our birthright. We face vast amounts of vi0lence, abus3, disrespect, terrible game, femmephobia, s3xism, inability of our dates to be honest or emotionally responsible, heart hurtingness. It's easy to get depressed by stupid moves, abus3, trans misogyny, colonialism, ableism, shadism, fatphobia, classism, racism, the idea of s3xual scarcity, femme competition, the effects all of the above has on our communities leading to everyone we love being traumatiz3d, etc.

HOWEVER, we also know that we are geniuses at creating the love and s3x we desir3. We are so smart at finding our lovers, making love so many different ways. It is important that we share this proof of what is possible, as a reminder to ourselves and each other of what is possible and what we have created, a show and tell of how much queer femmes of colo(u)r and Indigenous femmes are a gift from God to ourselves and our communities and revolutionary magic makers and world changers, and as a recording of our lives in the face of WSCCAP* erasure.

To the end of documenting and recording femme of colo(u)r and Indigenous femme existence and resistance, please share a story of a date you have been on. This can be written, drawn, collaged, photographed or in a song. It can be a poem, a journal entry, an experiment. "Date" is also wide open- it doesn't have to be dinner and a movie with a corsage. It could be any moment of s3xual, loving and/or romantic badassness that saved your ass, changed your life, rocked your world. It could be with yourself. It could be with any gender of person. The only limit is that you identify as a queer femme of colo(u)r or Indigenous femme.

"Femme" here is defined as a spectrum of gender that looks and feels different on many different kinds of bodies, but, in general, is about the radical, life-saving power, dignity and beautiful resistance of feminine of center/femme/femme of center ness. Femme is not just about being a girl, and certainly not just about being a ciswoman or cisgirl. It is a queer gender, and that can also look, feel, smell, taste and be many different flavors.

Deadline: October 1, 2011. Email brownstargirl@gmail.com. 1000 word limit, please also include contact info and a 100 word bio.

WSCCAP: The white supremacist capitalist colonialist ableist patriarchy.

Contact Information:

For inquiries: brownstargirl@gmail.com

For submissions: brownstargirl@gmail.com

Website: http://www.brownstargirl.org/
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