20 July 2011

Call for Essays - Rejecting the Bedroom: Sex and Sexuality as a Site of Queer Resistance and Space (Ruca Press)

Post date: 20 July 2011
Deadline: 1 November 2011

Rejecting the Bedroom: Sex and Sexuality as a Site of Queer Resistance and Space

“It’s all about sex.” — The opening line and closing remarks to the North American television series Queer As Folk. But really, what is sex? Through an interdisciplinary approach this project explores sex and sexuality as tropes and markers of queerness. This work responds to the hegemonic cultural gaze on queer sexual behavior by reclaiming sex and disrupting/blurring the lines of the limiting constructions of the private space: rejecting the bedroom.

The bedroom has, essentially, become a new closet for queers. The hegemonic heteronormative culture echos that it’s okay for queer people to fuck each other, so as long as they keep it in the bedroom—”we just don’t want to see it.” Anti-gay legislation and the acceptance of the nuclear model of relationships has forced queers into bedroom, silenced, to have to sex like our heterosexual counterparts. This work thus gives a voice to queer sex and, essentially, allows sexuality to define the essence of queerness; because even when it’s not about sex, it is still about sex.

We do consider, however, that while this project works to ‘reject’ the bedroom, it also raises the question of whether or not (and how) we can reclaim the bedroom and queer that space on our own terms.

We are especially interested in serious critically engaging essays about queer sexual politics, public sexual cultures, cruising, polyamory, sex and spiritual/religious identity, HIV/AIDS, sexual consumerism, porn, conceptualizations of sex as space, sexualities outside of the U.S., and sexual and gender transgression. We are looking for essays that question the social and political hierarchies of sex and sexuality, that engage different sexual cultures based on race, class, gender, body type, ability, and sexual identity.

The basics:

We are accepting well-written, sophisticated essays for the Rejecting the Bedroom anthology until November 1, 2011.

Successful submission packets will include a cover page that provides the writer’s contact information and a brief bio (150-300 words). All submissions should be double-spaced, in Times New Roman (12pt) font.

As a small press, Ruca Press is unable to provide monetary compensation for submissions. Contributors will receive 2 contributor copies of the book and will be able to purchase additional copies of the book at-cost.

Send submissions to:

Please email all submissions to submissions@rucapress.com in a single Word (.doc or .docx) or Rich Text Format (.rtf) attachment. Be sure to include the following in the subject line: “Bedroom Submission: YourLastName.”

Please direct all questions and concerns regarding Submission Guidelines to info@rucapress.com.

Contact Information:

For inquiries: info@rucapress.com

For submissions: submissions@rucapress.com

Website: http://www.rucapress.com/
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