30 May 2011

Call for Queer Works: Dirtflask Literary Magazine

Post date: 30 May 2011
This journal seeks to provide flasks of dirt to sustain you through the massive emotional desert that forms the bulk of our sterilized world.

We are currently open for submissions; please read the submission guidelines for details. If you have any queries, please don’t hesitate to contact us at dirtflask@gmail.com.


We like medical history, driftwood, negative queer theory, and street fires.

We’re looking for acts of creation that are unusual, weird, experimental… dirty. Dirty in both the spiritual and the physical sense. Not unhygienic so much as antihygienic. Queer, in the most beautiful and dark sense of the word. Poetry that negates rather than mediates. That screams ‘fcuk you’ without apology. Prose that wants nothing to do with the avant-garde’s incessant creation of new territories, and would rather burrow deep under the reader’s skin. Necr0philia, meet the corpse of punk.

We want to see your best flasks of dirt, whatever form they may take: poetry, prose, ramblings, tracts, confessions, actual flasks of dirt*, smut … nothing will be turned down based on form alone. With that in mind, we are especially interested in works that resist definition and stray beyond traditional formats. Don’t be afraid to send in that sound poem or that it’s-not-a-prose-poem-but-it-ain’t-prose-and-it-ain’t-poetry-either.

In short: experimental? Great! Does dirty things with language? Even better! We want to see your flasks, to car3ss them, and to be repulsed by them.

Some r0ugh guidelines: simultaneous submissions are okay, just inform us if the status of your work changes. We’re going to try to keep the turn-around time lightning quick, so please don’t send prose longer than ~1,000 words or more than five poems (apply this as a rule of thumb for other media). If accepted, your work will definitely appear online, and will possibly appear in tangible form.

To submit, please send an email titled ‘Submission’ to dirtflask at gmail dot com (preferably with your work/s embedded in the body of the email).

*If you want to send an actual flask of dirt or other physical object, please email us for a mailing address.

Contact Information:

For inquiries: dirtflask@gmail.com

For submissions: dirtflask@gmail.com

Website: http://dirtflask.com
This blog is no longer updated. Please instead visit Writers For Diversity for new opportunities for women/ LGBT writers and writers of color. Thank you.