11 May 2011

Call for Poems/ Stories - Coming Out Muslim: Realities and Dreams of Queer Muslims

Post date: 11 May 2011
Deadline: 23 May 2011

You are invited to share your poems, stories, images, artistic works, photographs, desires, hopes, interviews and more honoring and celebrating the wide ranging experiences/realities and dreams of Queer Muslims.

Your submission will be included in a Visual Collage/ Photography show entitled: "Coming Out Muslim" in New York.

The show will live at the 7th St and 2nd Ave Gallery housed in the social room of the Middle Collegiate Church in the East Village for LGBT History and Pride month this June.

This is part of a larger vision celebrating Islam and Queer experience life with the intention of broadening all our perspectives and opportunities for lives we love -in all of our communities - local and global!

Please share this announcement widely to your contacts and network and send your ideas/questions/suggestions to the coordinators of this project at: comingoutmuslim@googlegroups.com

Deadline to submit: 5/23/11.

All contributors are welcome to be a part of designing the collage and arrangement of images and words in the Gallery.

Anonymous submissions welcome.

Contact Information:

For inquiries: comingoutmuslim@googlegroups.com

For submissions: comingoutmuslim@googlegroups.com

Website: http://groups.google.com/group/comingoutmuslim
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