19 April 2011

Call for Submissions: Queer Manga Anthology

Post date: 19 April 2011
Deadline: 1 December 2011

Queer Manga is an anthology of LGBT stories and artists. We are here to embrace the community to highlight original stories of love in all its forms. All genres will be taken into consideration. Yaoi/BL, Yuri/Shoujo Ai, Bara, and American Style LGBT will all be accepted. Submissions must be in by Dec 1, 2011 to be featured in this book.

Content Guidelines

1. The anthology will be rated R (MPAA version), ie, nudity is allowed but s3xual activity must remain under the sheets.
2. No Fanart. All content must be creator owned.
3. Stories must be presented in a completed manner. Simple sketches or unfinished work will be rejected and not taken into consideration. We can provide some editing and feedback for those who wish for it.
4. All stories must have at least one LGBT character in them that is highlighted in the story in some form.
5. We ask that all sequential submissions to please present an basic outline and plot to queermanga@gmail.com before continuing.
6. This is not a p0rn anthology. While s3x is a plot device, we are not looking for it to be THE plot device.
7. Pin-ups will be accepted, but in limited numbers. They are to be used as story transitions and filler.
8. Because this is currently an unpaid project, we will allow previously published/used art to be used provided that you have the distribution rights to the work and all characters are your originals.
9. For now, Furry art is not being accepted.

Technical Guidelines

1. Ka-Blam will be the projected printer, so please use their templates (here) for your pages.
2. This will currently be a black and white/gray scale publication.
3. To repeat the deadline is Dec 1. 2011

All stories will be screened throughout the year and I will provide feedback on everything that we receive. We will provide editing, basic typesetting/lettering for those that need it, and we have a professional graphic designer on our team to make sure this book will look its best. We will be here for you the entire way of putting this book together as we ourselves are creators.

Queer Manga will run the con circuit with myself, spanning several conventions as well as will be published digitally. Currently a 100 percent of the profits will be put into creating the next volume and we will be absorbing all the initial costs ourselves.

Contact Information:

For inquiries: queermanga@gmail.com

For submissions: queermanga@gmail.com

Website: http://queermanga.blogspot.com/
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