02 April 2011

Call for Submissions - Queer Episodes: a Celebration of Queer Literature

Post date: 02 April 2011
Deadline: 29 April 2011

I’m co-editing an anthology with the phenomenal Lucie Barât— founder the publishing house, social network and international non-profit Little Episodes, an organization that “promotes the arts.” We’re eager to check out your visual art & writing.

Entitled Queer Episodes, Lucie describes the anthology as “a celebration of queer literature:
loves gained, loves lost, loves shared, coming out, staying out, and how the world looks from a queer eye.” This one’s for the rest of us: the eccentric, unconventional, out-of-the-ordinary, marginalized, unique.

Do you identify as trans?

Are you in a heterosexual relationship but aren’t, you know, ‘straight’?

Do you feel that your sexual orientation isn’t a viable option among the standard choices available on the drop-down menu of this Scantron test we know as our day-to-day?

The Particulars

First and foremost, submissions are only accepted from members of the Little Episodes on-line community. Little Episodes is an excellent resource for artists, including a Notice Board where information regarding visual and verbal-based competitions/various calls for submissions is posted. It is a collaborative group in digital story-telling, discussion groups for Creative Writing,
the Visual Arts, Performance Arts—even On-Line Promotion.

No previously published work - not only other anthologies, but also magazines, ‘zines, journals, any sort of on-line anything. You will retain the rights to your work upon the release of Queer Episodes; we simply don’t want a book that’s full of repeat performances.

Simultaneous submissions accepted. However, you must designate them as such.

Regarding monetary compensation, at this time, there isn’t any. Before you ask, your work will appear in a perfect-bound, professionally-printed book— the kind that’s all certified & bona-fide, complete with an ISBN-listing and a downloadable electronic companion [ read: Kindle Edition ] available. In addition to bragging rights, there will be promotional events, at which you’ll have the opportunity to perform your work—or perhaps have your work performed by others.

Plus, you also might want to know, “Little Episodes donates all profit to its outreach side: promoting awareness, and destigmatising depression and addiction through the arts. There is also a ‘Mental Health’ group on our social network that is for people affected by depression or addiction to chat and find helpful support information. We provide visits to residential units or day centres. Little Episodes is keen to reach out to people who can’t get to other Little Episodes events. These visits can include art, drama, music & writing therapy workshops, readings from the books, performances and/or a general Q & A.”

Where, when, and how? Prose, poetry and narrative non-fiction should be submitted in Word (*.doc/rtf) format H E R E. Curious in terms of word count? Aim for a max of 3K. The deadline for submissions is April 29, 2011.

What about artwork? To celebrate the launch of Queer Episodes, we are inviting artists, photographers & illustrators to submit a piece of visual work to be used as the cover illustration on the theme of ’Celebrating the Different.’ All visual submissions should ideally be submitted in pdf, jpg, gif,png or tiff format, resolution should be set to at least 300dpi, & suitably sized for a 7 x 9″ (17.8 x 22.9cm) printing page. Zap us those retinal treats HERE.

Other queries, Marys? Contact us at submissions@littleepisodes.org

DON’T FORGET! The deadline for submissions is April 29, 2011.

More information here.
This blog is no longer updated. Please instead visit Writers For Diversity for new opportunities for women/ LGBT writers and writers of color. Thank you.