24 March 2011

Call for Submissions: Feminine Voices on Sexism in the Queer Community, a Zine

Post date: 24 March 2011
Deadline: 23 May 2011

The Berlin Femme Mafia presents Feminine Voices on Sexism in the Queer Community, a zine.

Call for submissions!

Have you ever felt excluded from or experienced prejudice in the queer community because of your gender expression? The Berlin Femme Mafia is creating a zine of stories about sexism in the worldwide queer community by feminine trans* folk and queers.

The Berlin Femme Mafia knows that sexism against femininities continues in the queer community and we want all our feminine-identified trans* and queer sisters to share their perspective. Why does this gender inequality still exist in a self-named 'feminist' movement? We want to hear your thoughts about and experiences of discrimination against female and feminine gender expressions.

This project will be from the perspective of queer and trans* feminine folk and focus on sexism against our expressions of femininity. We invite contributions from all self-defined trans* and queer femininities, including trans*women, femmes, genderqueers, and queer ciswomen and -men with a feminine gender expression, no matter if part or full-time feminine.

Tell us about the stuff that makes you angry or sad. This can include being excluded for the way you walk, talk, dress, and negative comments about female bodies. Tell us what you would like to see change. What would a perfect queer community look like to you? Queertopia!

Contributions can be anything that will fit onto a half-size page, including creative writing, personal accounts of incidents, theory and artwork. We will print the zine in German and English, but will do our best to translate submissions in other languages into English.

To be included in a zine project by the Berlin Femme Mafia and made available online and in Berlin.

Contributions should be emailed to Laura at pinklab[at]hotmail[dot]com

DEADLINE: 23rd May 2011

N.B. For artwork, please send as pdf or write for postal address. Note that the zine will be in 'half size' or A5 format. (148 x 210 mm -- 5.8 x 8.3 inches)

More information here.
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