21 February 2011

Call for GLBT-Themed Chapbook/ Poetry Manuscript Submissions (Sibling Rivalry Press)

Post date: 21 February 2011
Deadline: 1 June 2011


Sibling Rivalry Press will open for poetry manuscript submissions of any length from March 1, 2011, through June 1, 2011. We don’t want to have to go diva, so please read our guidelines before you send us your jewel(s).

1. Buy or pre-order a Sibling Rivalry Press title from our Storefront during the open submission period and prior to your submission. This takes the place of a reading fee, which is common in the publishing world, and you actually get something pretty cool out of it. Not only do you get a book, but you also contribute to the family of which you may soon be part. Include the date and title of your purchase with your submission (we’ll verify, so don’t be slick, yo!).
2. Your manuscript must be in PDF format.
3. In your email, include a three-sentence bio. This is speed-dating, baby.
4. We don’t need the standard cover letter. Instead, answer these four questions in your email:

* Are you our friend on Facebook?
* You’re stranded on an island with one other poet, living or dead. Who would it be, and why?
* Of the poems in your manuscript, which is your favorite, and why?
* If your manuscript were made into a movie, what song would play in its closing credits?

Email your manuscript, your three-sentence bio, the SRP title and date of purchase, and your responses to the above questions to siblingrivalrypress@gmail.com.

These are the only guidelines we have. As long as you stick to these, we’re cool, and we’ll respond to you by the end of the summer, when we’ll offer contracts for 2012. We’re only offering four contracts for 2012, so the competition will be stiff.

We’ll know what we want to publish when we see it. It will make our heart do karaoke in drag. If you are selected, you will be offered a contract for publication to review which will detail press responsibilities, author responsibilites, and an outline of royalty terms (no advances - you get a straight percentage of the profits). All of our authors will be offered the same contract. There are no other guidelines. If you think it’s worth our time, then we think it’s worth our time.

To answer a few questions, simultaneous submissions are fine. Manuscripts and chapbooks of various lengths are acceptable. We only like cookie-cutters when we’re making cookies. Otherwise, different is good.

About SRP: We’re pretty new as a publisher, but so far, so good. We’re growing, and we like authors who want to grow with us. Sibling Rivarly Press will publish multiple chapbooks and/or full-length collections of poetry each year. What we like: GLBT-themed poetry, feminist poetry, narrative poetry, experimental poetry, shocking poetry, political poetry, erotic poetry, prose poetry, poetry paired with art or photography, poetry you wouldn’t want your grandmother to read, poetry rejected by other presses because the poems have been published on a blog, and poetry rejected by other presses because those other presses aren’t as cool as us.

If you want to know what we’re like to work with, track down Ocean Vuong, Raymond Luczak, or Theresa Senato Edwards. If you want to know the kind of work that captured our attention last year, buy one of our books.

More information here.
This blog is no longer updated. Please instead visit Writers For Diversity for new opportunities for women/ LGBT writers and writers of color. Thank you.