02 June 2011

Call for Gay Stories: Hot Rod (Starbooks Press)

Post date: 02 June 2011
Deadline: 8 July 2011

Rev your engines, gentlemen! S3x and cars are meant for each other. The s3xy mechanic comes to mind first, but think beyond that.

Take me from the invention of the automobile into the future of it. How does it bring men together? Think drivers, engineers, assemblers, parts specialist, restorers, race car drivers, etc. Another favorite fantasy is a s3xy cop pulling over a speeding driver. What's his punishment/reward? Think muscl3s, men, and cars. Classics are h0t too. Futuristic and concept autos are waiting for h0t men in the future. Two male hippies practice make l0ve not war in the back of a 60s love van, s3xy models sprawled across cars at a car show, two h0rny guys at a drive-in or at a make out spot. Ever wonder what two h0rny country boys do in the b3d of their pick up truck? What s3xual favors does the race car winner receive?

Email submissions to fredtowers at yahoo dot com with Hot Rod submission in the subject.

Word count & payment: 2000-3999 $25; 4000-5000 $50; reprints at a lower rate, but original stories are preferred.

Via: erotica-readers.blogspot.com

Contact Information:

For inquiries: fredtowers at yahoo dot com

For submissions: fredtowers at yahoo dot com
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